5 tips that actually work to increase your social media followers

If you do quick research on how to grow your social media followers, you will see a lot of people with magic formulas to follow.

You will also see tons of sketchy sites where you can buy followers, but you do not want that. You want the real followers that trust you and will buy from you in the future.

While growing your social media is not an impossible thing to do, it won’t happen overnight and without putting effort into it. But it will happen if you provide value and show up in the right places.

Don’t be fooled by those sites selling unreal followers that will not add anything to your brand. That doesn’t work and you don’t want fake numbers either.

Growing your social media is a process that you need to enjoy so here I want to show you 5 tips that will help you in that process.

1. Create a social media strategy

You need to establish the places where you want to be and how are you going to do it. 

First, define the channels, maybe Instagram? YouTube? Facebook? Make sure to have a valid reason to pick every channel.

After that you need to create a schedule that will help you plan your content. The idea is not to create the content the same day you post it. Create your content once a week and use tools to schedule it. 

Having a good strategy can improve your process and make your life easier and so you can focus on the important things about your business. 

2. Define your ideal audience

Defining who exactly you are talking to is crucial! You need to know who the person is that wants to read from you and create content only for that person. 

And in this point, you need to be really specific. Define their age, gender, where they live, how much they earn, what makes them happy and what makes them sad… Everything!

Create in your mind the picture of this person and every time you are going to create content ask yourself “would this person like what I’m going to post?”. 

The answer should be yes, otherwise you are wasting your time and effort and that’s not good!

3. Be consistent (with your social media brand and posting)

Social media algorithms will reward you if you are a person who constantly posts by putting yourself more often in the feed of the people who follow you. Then, little by little you will see that your posts have more engagement.

It does not work if you post one day and then two weeks after! No one will remember who you are by then. 

That is why having a schedule is helpful! Try to post very often, yet not in a spammy way, more in a helpful way for your followers.

Another good thing is to be consistent with your brand. What does this mean? Well, let’s say that you use green and pink for your brand and then suddenly your posts have red. 

Or maybe you use a casual voice in your posts and suddenly you are speaking in a really formal way.

These kinds of things can make a possible follower go away because your brand is not consistent. 

4. Share high-quality content

Nobody will follow you if the pictures or videos you post have bad quality! And this does not only mean graphics. 

If you are writing “value” that does not add much to your followers, they won’t feel like it is worth it to follow you.

So, make sure you are uploading good graphics and providing real value if you want your possible followers to stay there and be part of your community.

5. Make sure to have a great bio and profile

This is the first impression you make on people, so having a GREAT copy on your bio is a necessity if you want your followers to grow. 

Another good thing that is related to the other tips is to have a good profile in general. The first scroll on your page needs to be really good and everything needs to make sense, like the color situation I told you of in point 3. 

As you can see, growing your social media followers is not an impossible thing but it requires effort and consistency.

You can also apply hashtag techniques and some other things that are helpful but the idea of these tips was to set the foundations for great social media. 

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I wish you the best in your social media growth, you got this!