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To revolutionize the welfare of minority women entrepreneurs by offering a holistic perspective on wellness for business growth.

As a consulting company, we provide content, community, and curated events for minority women entrepreneurs nationally.





Minority Women Entrepreneurs have been undervalued for a long time. Realizing that they needed to see more examples of their impact, interject assistance with barriers that our counterparts may not face, and help heal trauma from our culture and families, The Prism Effect was born.

The founder often share the story of wanting to create a space and business that wasn’t there when her mother, who wanted to build a family business needed it most. Taking what her mother often lived, and was also placed on her headstone she embodied a new mantra to create a business that would help minority women entrepreneurs by saying, May The Work I’ve Done Speak For Me.




Myown Holmes is a digital marketing speaker, trainer, and strategist on Branding, B2B/B2C Social Selling, and Social Media Strategy. She is a highly-regarded digital marketing expert to corporate and non-profit entities and has spoken at several conferences, some being black writer’s conference, Keynoting for International Association of Women Conference, speaking for an organization for Black Nurses and another for Black Therapists among many others.

In 2021 Myown kept feeling led to create something bigger than her, bigger than what she was doing in marketing. She knew minority women entrepreneurs needed MORE.

They needed to improve their mindset, work on their wellness, and have access to business resources and connections, so she prayed for what her next mission should be, and came back with The Prism Effect.