Quality Over Quantity Make For Great Content

​Do you know what your audience really wants? 

As you get through your routines and to-do list day after day, how often are you interacting with others? At work, at home, during your commute, while running errands. Meetings, phone calls, emails, commercials, advertisements.

According to research, consumers see over 5,000 ads each day. But although that number is so big, the number of ads consumers actually engage in is small. Only about 12 out of these 5,000 ads actually get the average consumer to engage. So the amount of ads you put out doesn’t matter as much as the quality of the advertisements.

Here are some tips on creating quality content that leads to more engagement and connection. 

Know exactly who you’re talking to.

The term “target audience” shows up in almost all marketing material. Focusing on statistics and demographics alone will not bring you the quality engagement we’re aiming for. It’s important to be specific.

Who is currently reading and engaging in your content? Do you know exactly why they stick around? Do you give them tips? Do they love your sense of humor? You may not know your readers in person but you are still building relationships online. These are real people that you are connecting with through your content, so it is important to get to know them.

Don’t overwhelm them

Your audience should look forward to your content. Whether it’s for a midday pick me up or to learn something new. You don’t want them to get annoyed with the amount of content you release. It is better to put out a smaller amount of content if it builds connections and engagement.

Your content should create conversations between you and your audience or between the online community you have built. This is not the opportunity to talk down to consumers about their purchasing choices. Instead, take some time and ask questions to find out how you can improve and serve them better.

Another way they could be overwhelmed is through your website. Your site should be simple and clear. You don’t need to beg for them to subscribe to your email with multiple pop-ups. Make it easy for them to understand and navigate.

Make sure they can rely on you.

Less than half of people marketing have a solid content strategy. Posting random content at sporadic times does not help you build a relationship with your audience. When your content follows a specific strategy and calendar it will be easier to track your engagement. Having a plan also allows you to schedule content in advance so that you can engage with your audience and respond to messages once you’ve posted.

Develop your user experience

The entire experience a person has when they come across your content is an important part of your brand success. Whether it’s your social media, website, or an app; when someone interacts with your brand their experience should be engaging, useful and cohesive.

When you’re designing your user experience, focus on technical functions while the user interaction focuses on the layout, content, and aesthetic appeal.

Together these designs affect the way consumers perceive and interact with your brand, which can make or break customer engagement. Keep testing, checking and asking consumers what they think on these design types. It pays off with quality engagement and loyal consumers.

To wrap up…

Pour into your content. The amount of content you put out matters a lot less than the quality of your content. This is how you build connections and those connections are what set you apart from your competition.

Speaking of the competition, focus more on your audience that you do the competitors. Have conversations with them that will help you navigate any changes you need to make. They will appreciate your brand’s transparency and authenticity.

In the end, you create a more personable brand with measurable and beneficial impact in the world. What’s better than that?