Impactful Tips: How To Create A Sense Of Urgency For Higher Conversion Rates

I am going to dive into the proper way to create a sense of urgency for higher conversion rates. Isn’t that exciting? 

A lot of people, and I mean a lot of people, don’t realize that their copy is really not made to convert. It’s made to probably inform or to make people like it; but it’s not really made for people to click the “Buy” button. This is incredibly important. 

To begin, a sense of urgency (in general) in marketing is quite vague. We talk about a sense of urgency and can mean a whole bunch of stuff. But that vagueness is kind of helpful because it allows you to adapt that sense of urgency to your unique sales funnel. 

If you don’t know what a sales funnel is, please check my other content for an elaborate explanation, but it allows you to adapt your unique sales funnel and the unique sense of urgency to you.  It enables you to channel customers that are in the later column (“It’s on my to do list, I’ll get to it) to the urgent (“Oh crap, I have to do it like right now or I’m going to miss out”). 

However, you can apply that to a business or your own business, it’s really where that sense of urgency comes from. There’s a couple of different ways you can do this. 

There’s 4 ways that I would recommend doing this.

Method 1: Psychology

The first method in how to implement this sense of urgency is using psychology. It’s on your side, the whole sense of urgency, that whole FOMO (fear of missing out). Use psychology to your benefit as it taps into two different essential social psychological principles:

It’s the fear of missing out (FOMO), 

It’s scarcity. Audience thinking that if I don’t do this, somebody else will.

Use the psychology to your advantage. Making sure you’re using that FOMO and using scarcity to give you an upper hand compared to tier competitors. They don’t want to miss it and they know there’s only a few slots left. 

I’m sure you’ve seen it a few times where a coach says, “Hey, I just opened up two slots to work with me this month”. That’s the scarcity tactic coming into play. But they’re not quite using it properly. 

Method 2: Build Trust

You have to build trust in order for this to work. You can be running away from a big bad guy and you run into another guy and he’s says, “Follow me”. Are you really going to follow him? I don’t think so. You’re going to question; Is this the right way for me to go? Is this the right direction for my business to go? That’s a great way and if it’s actually going to work for you to see if people actually trust you. 

For scarcity to work, there has to be a way for them to trust you that’s valuable to their business and their buyers. Otherwise what’s the point of trusting you? What’s the point of opting in ASAP if it’s just not there yet? 

Trusting and credibility are vital in every business relationship, especially if you’re going to get more or higher conversions via the sense of urgency. 

Method 3: Relevant Offer 

The next thing in the list is to make an actual relevant offer. How many times have you seen people post on Facebook and you think, “Oh, that’s a great idea. But I don’t need that right now. I don’t see a need for it. I would love to hop in right now, but honestly it’s not going to help me”. So if that has happened to you, put it in the comments below, I want to hear your blurb or story.

So companies choose one of two ways to improve a relevancy if they are trying to get people to opt in. They either improve their product relevancy to their audience or they improve their audience relevancy to their product.

That means either they pivot their product a little bit to make sure that their audience is actually seeing the value, seeing the benefits they’re going to get out of it, or restructure their audience to make sure their audience is perfect for their product.

This is really where it comes into making sure your ideal client is super dialled in, and that you can actually show and prove the benefits for your ideal client. This is super important.

For improving value, you can either improve your product or you can improve your audience. And improving your audience is a little bit harder than improving your product just because of time. Either action works. If you already have an established product offering that your customers are relying, you’ll find that it’s probably better to improve your audience and your customers and it’s less expensive as well. 

I’m going to bring it up again, your offer is not relevant, you are not going to be able to sell it and people are just not going to opt in for it. They’re probably going to respond with “Okay, maybe later. That’s a great idea”. 

Method 4: Improve value of product

The last step is to improve the value of the product. Remember when I said a little bit about benefits, just a couple of sentences earlier. It’s super important to have benefits when trying to convert your audience.

I’m improving a value is the last step to make sure you’re going to actually convert. Value doesn’t necessarily mean adding more stuff to your product, when I say product, they also means service. As it turns out, it might actually mean to take stuff away from it to improve the value. So sometimes you overfeed people information, and don’t get me wrong, I am guilty of this. I overfeed people many information and then they respond with “Wohw, that’s great. But 80% of that didn’t even hit my brain cells man and went in one ear and came out the other”. Think about that too when you’re talking about your product or your service, make sure that the value is actually there and honed in for that person. 

It may sound like a paradox, it’s kind of weird because you have to be in the world of AB testing. If you’ve never heard about that, it does come from the paid advertising side, but it really is taking your product value to the ceiling and what it would look like over a lifetime just on the surface. 

Some customer groups may see it as extreme value, some gusto groups may not, but you don’t want to overwhelm your customers with choices. You want to AB test your stuff.

Take your product, see what it could mean over a whole entire lifetime, and then take it down a notch and see what happens. Then test it. 


If you’re selling your condo for $100 versus $110, because he took away three videos, and you’re going to sell it twice as much. This is because your price point came down a little bit and you can actually pinpoint the value in each and every video that you get them.

It’s a tremendous amount of work to AB test, I’m not going to lie to you, but it is totally worth it in the end. You’ll be able to find which A or which B turns out to be your winning piece; to make sure that people are going to convert even quicker. That is really important. 

You have all this stuff to kind of think about when giving your offer.

But here are 6 ways to actually implement urgency right now to the next person you talk to when trying to make a sale.

1. Make sure you are pointing out that your stuff is not low quality, it’s high quality.

It sounds really weird. But you’re going to be promising a certain level of product or service. 

2. Cut the price. 

You are showing them that you want them to buy right now, by giving them an option that’s going to cost less. That’s a really good way to increase urgency because that price is not going to last. You’re not going to sell it for $10 off forever. You’re going to have a cut-off date. 

3. Delivery time. This works on both products and services. 


Let’s assume your service is creating a website with a 14-day turnaround. But you know you’ve got some open space here in the next few days and you really want to get it booked. You can say, “Hey, I can get your website back to you in four days! We can do revisions going forward”. That’s a great way to get people to opt in right now, because they can see, in literally this foreseeable future of them getting their stuff; the stuff that they’re paying for. Most people want that, they want it tomorrow, so that’s 3-days from now. 

4. Social uses. 

If you can create a movement around then it’s powerful. If anybody has ever seen anything click funnels, you can tell that the click funnels guys are all over it. They’re ready to be talking about click funnels, even though it’s not even there. It’s not even their business. It’s just a program they use. It creates a level of social status and their peer group, among other entrepreneurs that they use click funnels for their business. 

So thinking about the social uses, and creating that kind of challenge around it. The 1-funnel challenge is a great way to increase urgency because you’ve only got one funnel away from, let’s say, a million dollars. That makes me want to opt in, even though I’m not a click funnels user. 

5. Competitor comparison. 

So this goes with the low quality and high quality mentioned at the beginning. But competitor comparison can be exemplified in one of those tables that says, product A, B and C and it lists them out; then it makes a little check mark. You can do the same thing with your products or services. 

It’s really easy. You should know your competitors. It shows you know your products and services, and your industry.

So that’s one way to do it because you’re showing them, not only have you created this urgency around it, you’ve improved the value and have done a “Get it now!” kind of thing. You are building a scarcity, making it relevant to the audience; but also showing that the competitors aren’t as good. Which is so exciting, right? 

6. The personalization of something. 

This means if you’ve got a product, you can personalize it to someone, even if you’ve got a service, you can definitely personalize it to someone or their business.

A lot of times people sell packages or a pre-recorded course. Although that content is great, it can also be helped to personalize by opting in before tomorrow night, you are actually going to be able to, Book a call with me, for example. It’s personalizing that because they’re able to get that new information from you specifically without having to pay anymore. This is super cool, especially if you’ve already built yourself up as an authentic brand that really knows their space. 

So that kind of gives you a few ways to create a sense of urgency and start taking action. It gives you a few ways to implement it right now in your business.

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