How To Use Facebook to Schedule Your IGTV Video Content

When you’re talking about social media, you should know that video is King and content is queen. 

I say it the other way around because people are more captured by video.

So what Instagram has begun to do is try to push the use IGTV more.

How do I know this? Go to your Instagram account and you open up the platform.  Whats the very first thing you see on your search page? The first thing you see is your search page are some big videos playing. And, when you click on those videos, Instagram leads you to IGTV. 

I don’t want you missing out on this, so today I will be teaching you how to use Facebook to schedule your IGTV video content. 

Let’s get logged in to YOUR Facebook account!

DISCLAIMER: This will only work if your page is set as a VIDEO PAGE and if your page is connected to Instagram

  1. Make sure you are on YOUR Facebook profile. 
  2. Click the button (located on the upper right-hand side of the page)
  3. Under “Your Pages” select the page you would want to schedule the IGTV content for
  4. Click on “Publishing Tools”
  5. On the left-hand side, under “Tools” click on “Creator Studio”
  6. On the purple bar, make sure to select the Instagram logo.
  7. Click on and select IGTV
  8. Drag and drop your video on this section

DISCLAIMER: The video should be between 60 secs to 1 hour long and vertical

  1. Upload the video cover image
  2.  Select the proper options for “Choose Where Your Post will Appear”
  3.  Click and select Schedule
  4.  Input the time and date you would want your IGTV content to be published. 

IGTV is one sure fire way for you to start gaining more followers on Instagram so check this out now and start uploading those content!