Tips for Marketing a Small Business Like A Boss

Marketing your business may seem like a daunting task, but there are a few steps you can take to ensure that you are marketing your business easily and effectively. In fact, if you follow these steps, you’ll be marketing your business almost daily while spending little to no money doing so.

In this post, we will go over when you should be marketing your small business, where you should be marketing your small business, and how to market your business while setting boundaries in your personal life. 

When to market your small business

This one is easy. You should always be marketing your business! Keep in mind that you are always your brand and your business. By keeping a marketing mindset, you will be able to jump at opportunities to talk about your business when they arise. 

Remember that when people think of you, they will automatically think about your business. It may seem easy for you to separate your business persona from your personal persona, but other people will not make that distinction. It is your job to always maintain professionalism so as not to tarnish your brand.

Where to market your small business

Everywhere is a marketing event! Take advantage of every situation by listening to what your potential client is telling you about their needs so that you can offer your business as a solution if it is appropriate to do so. 

When you meet new people or other business owners, ask questions, and find out about the struggles they are having. This way you will know how your business can help them.

Another pro tip is to offer people your time. In today’s world, it can be hard to get someone to sit and talk with you about the things that are important to them. Spending 10-15 minutes talking to someone can leave a great impression.

Also, remember to always carry your business cards. When you are talking to someone about their business ask for their card. Then you will be able to offer one of your cards in return.

Setting Boundaries

Set boundaries between your working time and your personal time. Telling those closest to you about your work schedule will not only allow you to work distraction-free, but it will also accomplish two more things.

One, it will give you an opportunity to explain your business to them. We call this “planting seeds.” While you don’t want to cram your business down your friends and family’s throats, you do want them to know about your business and what you offer. 

Most of the people in our circles want us to win (or they should!) and by letting them know about your business it will ensure that if they ever need your services or know of someone who does, you will be the one they call.

The second thing setting boundaries accomplishes is that it tells people you are serious about this business venture you are undertaking. Sometimes people tend to have the false idea that just because you work from home, it means you aren’t really working. When people know you are taking your business seriously, they will take it seriously as well and be more likely to recommend you to people they know.

The last tip I am going to share is that you need to take time to recharge. While this isn’t exactly a marketing tip, it is good to instill some downtime into your business at every stage. I know this can be hard as a small business owner because you are working hard to build your business to a certain level, and sometimes that takes much more than the normal 40-hour workweek. 

The last thing you want is to get burned out and not be giving your business the best version of yourself. Even if you can’t take a vacation or even a full rest day at this stage of building your business, get into the habit of spending 30 minutes a day just on YOU. You deserve it and you need it.

Remember, you are your brand all the time and everywhere you go. Don’t pass up a marketing opportunity just because it doesn’t look like a typical marketing event. Follow these tips and you’ll be marketing your small business simply and effectively.

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