The best practices you need to know if you want to create Facebook ads

When you are starting with Facebook ads everything seems like a lot: campaigns, audiences, ad sets… Many new terms and technical knowledge to absorb.

And once you can understand everything, your ads still may not work…

Ugh, right! This happens to so many people but it’s because they don’t understand that before doing ads you need to have other key elements in place to make sure you are not putting your money in the wrong place.

So, before you go on your Business Manager to start creating a Facebook ad make sure to have these practices in mind.

1. Know exactly who you want to reach

This is probably one of the most important things! You need to have clarity on who the people you want to reach are.

You need to know their gender, age, interest, where they go, where they live, basically everything.

And this should not just be in your mind, take a new document and write about your audience and their key information

Many people fail this because they want to just do the ads, so the interests or ages are probably wrong and they are reaching the wrong people.

2. Check your copy until you are happy with it

The copy of your ads is also really important! People are always scrolling on social media and their attention is only limited to things that make them curious and touch on one of their biggest pains or interests. 

And when you are writing copy for ads you need to be happy with it. You shouldn’t try to have the perfect copy, but you shouldn’t do it without really thinking about it. 

Put yourself in your audience’s shoes: what do they need to read to stop and click on something of yours?

3. Make sure your calls to action are clear

I’ve seen so many ads where you just don’t know where to click or where to go and I think this can make people really angry.

So, you get an angry audience and lose money! It doesn’t sound nice at all, right? 

Have only one call to action and make it clear in your graphic or copy. If you need them to click, just say “Click here” once and make it notable and super clear.

Do not leave any place for confusion because people don’t have time to understand your ads and if you have chances to connect with them you shouldn’t waste them on bad ads that will make them angry.

4. Is everything making sense? 

Does your copy really match your graphics? Do they seem well together?

The relationship between your copy and your graphics must be fluid, they must go hand in hand. You cannot talk about shoes and in the photo have a woman in a dress.

This creates confusion, and as I told you before there’s no room for confusion in social media. 

5. Don’t forget about your stats

Let’s say that you have all the other best practices in place, wow, congratulations!! 

Now it’s time to create the ad. It’s working but there’s no such thing as a perfect ad. So maybe there are days where things go better than other days.

But how do you know if it is the graphic? The copy? The interests you put? There is no way to know if you don’t pay attention to your stats daily.

You can’t just leave an ad running forever because everything changes so fast and the first thing you know, you are losing followers or your ad is not working properly.

Running ads it’s not difficult at all, you just need to know the right practices and make changes at the right time.

And remember that it is not just about creating a good ad people will see it’s also about all the processes that continues after they click the ad.

Is it sending people to the correct link? Is the website working fine? All those details are extremely important, and you need to be aware of them. 

Go ahead, run your ads and make the most out of social media!

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I wish you the best with your Facebook ads! See you in the next post.