5 ways to successfully engage with your followers on social media

You want your social media followers to engage and talk to you in every picture or story you post. That’s the ideal world where we all want to live in, right?

Sometimes it’s not that easy. Sometimes you have the perfect post with a really good question and they just don’t care! It’s sad, I know. But it is like that sometimes. 

People need to have good reasons to comment, share, or like your posts. You need to give them those reasons.

Once you start gaining engagement you will understand what works and what doesn’t and you can re-apply that on future posts.

In this post, I wanted to show you 5 ways to successfully engage with your social media followers.

1. Talk to your followers through stories

Stories are a great way to engage! It’s easier for them to reply to your stories and answer your questions. 

Also, stories allow you to have more expression and talk a little more. Through stories you have plenty of ways to talk to your audience, ask them for their opinions, and share how you feel.

After they reply to one of your stories you can continue the conversation and send them to your website or any place you want. 

This will help you to increase traffic and therefore, sales. 

2. Make sure to be fun and relatable

People are on social media to distract themselves from the formal world, they want entertainment and you should consider this truth.

Even if you don’t intend to entertain them, you should have a fun tone when you talk to make them feel happy when they read what you write.

Also, being relatable is a great opportunity to have more shares, and people tagging other people, which is great!

3. Take advantage of social media tools

You have so many tools available to engage with your audience! For example, Instagram. Here you have so many ways to ask questions and you can also create polls.

These tools are great to make your audience feel like part of your community. For example, if you ask them about fabrics for your next product they will feel like part of the process.

And replying to these kinds of stories is easier than commenting or sharing, so it’s a good start.

On Facebook, there are Facebook groups and lives which are a great way to engage with your audience. 

The idea is that you investigate what you can do on each social media channel and take advantage of that. 

4. Run your own social media contests

Creating competitions, giveaways, and ways to allow your followers to compete is great because everyone wants to win! People will comment as many times as necessary in order to win.

So, for example, you can create a contest where you will choose a winner from all the people uploading a picture with a specific hashtag. Or from all the people uploading a story wearing one of your products.

In this kind of game, you will get a lot of engagement and social proof.

5. Engage with the latest trends

If you are an active user of social media, you know that there is a new trend every day.

People become obsessed with a meme or video that went viral. If you want to be relatable you must seek to be part of those trends.

If people are actively talking about a topic you should hang on to it so they can talk about you too. 

Social media is a huge world where everything changes in just a few hours so trying to engage can be difficult at first but it’s definitely not impossible.

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I hope you can take these tips and implement them on your social media! I can’t wait for you to have great social media engagement with lots of followers replying and commenting on everything you do. Talk to you soon.